Memberships at Aberdeen Martial Arts Academy are simple and designed to get you on the mat and training as soon as possible. Adults have a single membership that you can pay for either annually, six monthly or monthly (with discounts for annual payment). The membership allows you to train in all of the classes and use the gym equipment to supplement your martial ats training.

Juniors have two memberships one for the Junior that runs a number of clubs and trains with us once a week, we call that Kick Starter. The other is called Power Team and is for the Junior that wants to train more than once a week and in more that one program.

We also run Class Passes for those that wish to pay per class.

 Custom Facilites  

Designed around providing martial artists the best training environment to develop their skills. Includes professionally matted sprung floor.

 Expert Coaches  

Our coaches are all developed under internationally recognised coaching programs, such as the Thai Boxing Association of the USA and Carlson Gracie BJJ Team.

 No Cancellation Fees

Memberships are not restricted by cancellation fees or time based cancellations. Discounts are given to annual and by-annual payments or you can pay monthly.


Adult Pro Team

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Access To All Cardio Equipment
  • Access To All Weights Equipment
  • Martial Arts Classes 7 Days/Week

£280/6 months


Power Team

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Ideal For Training Both Programs
  • Attend Any Class For Junior’s Age Group
  • Classes Throughout The Week

£225/6 months


Kick Starter

  • 4 Classes Per Month
  • Attend Any Junior’s Classes for age group
  • Ideal For Training One Of Our Programs
  • Classess Throughout The Week


Each membership is calculated on an annual basis and discounts are given if the membership is purchased for the year. A lesser discount is given for 6 monthly purchases and finally the monthly payment plan breaks the  annual fee down over 12 monthly payments.

We are open:

  • Monday to Friday 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturday 10:30am – 3pm
  • Sunday 10:30 am – 3pm

We do offer one on one training with the coaches and instructors but this needs to be arranged directly with the instructor.

We’re a very family orientated martial arts academy running both Juniors and Adults classes. However, we don’t offer day care for children.

As detailed in the membership Terms & Conditions, we do not charge for any cancellations, however we expect to be given notice on any cancellation. In practical terms what this means is once the month has started you can cancel from the following month. For example, if you wished to cancel your membership so you didn’t have to pay your July payment, you can cancel any time up to and including the 30th June. Once your payment has come out for the month you can only cancel the following month.

Payment is taken by card on the 1st of every month. The card details are confidentially stored on our membership system and perform a ‘Recurring Card Payment’ on the 1st of every month.

We only take cash payments on the day for annual or 6 monthly membership payments and Class Passes.